About me

I went into design because I was interested in behind-the-scenes of many products and services I've used throughout the years.

I find the design process interesting and rewarding because you get to help your clients realize their vision and create products that people enjoy using.


I've been freelancing for 3 years for clients from many different areas: tourism and hospitality, beauty and hair services, Etsy artists, startups and more.

While I've worked predominantly on graphic design projects, I'm looking to move more towards UX/UI as I find that area of design more dynamic and enjoyable.


I'm a Bachelor of Engineering in IT (IT Design specialization) and a Master of Engineering in IT (Design and Multimedia specialization). I've received my degrees from Zagreb University of Applied Sciences.

My bachelor's thesis was “User centered design in development of mobile applications” and my master's thesis was “Design of buttons in digital products and their impact on UX”, the former winning an award for best thesis of the year.

I continue educating myself through various workshops, seminars, courses, and by exchanging knowledge, experiences and tips with other designers and developers.


I start each project by first analyzing the problem and conducting qualitative and quantitative research, depending on available time and resources. After gathering enough information, I start narrowing down and defining goals that should be accomplished with the new design solution.

The design process is iterative. From low to high fidelity prototypes in UX/UI or paper sketches to product renders in graphic design, I adapt my designs according to feedback I receive from users and clients.


I do most of my work in Adobe Creative Suite and Figma. I'm also familiar with Wordpress and Webflow. I know enough HTML/CSS to find my way around those tools and recognize how my designs will translate to code.


I am a member of the Croatian Designers Association through which I partake in seminars, workshops and design contests.

I was a member of the Student Council of my university, first serving as a Student Ombudsman Deputy and later as the Design Committee President.

With the efforts of several other colleagues we managed to negotiate an introduction of a new UX focused class which would cover all the new emerging tools and design processes in the industry.