Banshee Crafts Jewelry

Logo design for an independent creative who makes high fantasy themed jewelry and other assorted products.


Graphic Design, Branding


Illustrator, Photoshop


Digital Design, Print


The client is an independent creative who makes unique handcrafted fantasy themed jewelry and other assorted products out of polymer clay.

She was in need of a new logo that would better match the products and services she offers.


Instead of setting up definitive descriptors of what the logo should be, the client instead listed what the logo should not be: overly serious, overly professional, sleek, simple...

Considering the client's creative output and the things that inspire her, the new logo should nod towards the world of whimsy and make-believe.


The new logo is based on characteristics of medieval art, the most common age setting for fantasy related works.

The logo is framed in a Gothic window because Gothic architecture was prevalent in the Middle Ages and cathedrals had high visual impact.

There was a lot of symbolism incorporated in medieval art. A black cat, a candelabra and the crescent moon are both symbols of the night when the client likes to work the most, and of magic.

Instead of blending in, the cat's tail breaks the framing and "pops out" to draw attention, a common technique used in medieval works.

Lastly, the typeface was chosen because it shares similarities with the works of Tolkien, the father of modern fantasy.


Both the client and her customers were satisfied with the new design, noticing both the symbolism of the new logo and the Tolkien inspired type choice.