Olivera Hair Studio

Rebranding and a one-page website made for a hair studio with the goal of increasing perceived value and brand awareness.


UX/UI, Branding, Graphic Design, Consulting


Figma, Illustrator


Web, Print


The owner wanted to refresh her visual identity and launch a new website.

Although she had an established clientele and business was going well, having an impactful visual identity and online presence would make it easier to negotiate favorable B2B deals.


A mood board was created to explore the direction of the rebrand.

Most of the elements of the mood board were pulled from the client herself: the interior design of her studio, her style and fashion preferences, the haute couture magazines she reads for inspiration...

The redesign should emulate all of those elements, starting with the logo.


The combination of vertical type and a script typeface made for a logo with low levels of legibility. Instead, a combination of horizontal type and a script typeface makes the logo more impactful and eye-catching.

After the logo redesign, the decision to lean into the fashion and hair magazine aesthetic for the website felt natural.

The client wanted a simple one-page website that focused on essential information.


The redesign has helped the client make favorable B2B deals and acquire exclusive products which can only be bought in chosen hair salons.

The website shown is presently being coded, but the current website has been restyled to follow the new visual direction.

The combination of the new visuals, website, exclusive products and services as well as Google Ads has led to an increase of new international clients. The owner reached out again to discuss about possible features that would alleviate language barrier difficulties.

Although the original draft of the website didn't include a reservation form because the established clientele strongly prefers calling, a form was made to help potential new clients.