Primavera Sound Festival App Redesign

A redesign of the Primavera Sound Festival app which would help festivalgoers immerse themselves into the experience and think less about logistics of their situation.


UX/UI, Branding


Figma, Illustrator




Over the years people have had bad experiences with multiple versions of the app. The app suffers from several issues: unintuitive user interface, frequent crashes and bugs, and the aesthetic of the app not matching the experience of being at a festival.

This forced festivalgoers to find alternative solutions like, for example, screenshotting the website and using their phone's gallery app instead. An unpleasant experience with the festival app causes frustration and impacts how people feel about the festival.


After analyzing the current state of the app, a survey was conducted to collect more data, followed by several interviews with festivalgoers. The collected information helped to determine key points of improvement that could be made:

- frequent crashes, slow loading and bugs need to be resolved from the backend side, which could allow users to actually use the app even if it has a steep learning curve due to an unsatisfactory UI

- a redesign of the app that is more streamlined and user friendly would allow people to spend less time in the app and more time enjoying themselves

- the visuals of the app could be more colorful and dynamic and less plain

Personas and user journeys were created to help with design ideation.


The design process started first by making a flow map, followed by a low-fidelity prototype to test out the first versions of the new user interface.

The order of features was determined by the research. The emphasis was on creating a user feed that would show the name, time and location of the upcoming favorited act. This was the most highly requested feature.

After a crude low-fidelity prototype, a high-fidelity prototype was designed with all the necessary assets and components, as well as a new visual identity to bring some life into the design.

The high-fidelity prototype was tested by users and iterated. Additional features were added after receiving feedback to fulfill user needs and further simplify the UI, like the ability to hide the amount of funds you have and a drag input instead of a textual one.


The feedback from the people who tested the prototype shows that having a functional and visually appealing app could improve the overall experience festivalgoers have.