Seal of the Croatian Post Office

A submission for a design contest organized by the Croatian Post Office in order to find a new official seal.


Graphic Design, Branding






Several seal designs are used by the Croatian Post Office, many just applying visuals of the service itself.

CPO organized a contest where they looked for design solutions for a new seal, one which will have symbols of Croatia instead of the symbols of CPO.

Other rules of the contest included requirements like typeface choice, dimensions, information included and so on.


When discussing symbols of Croatia usually the first visual that comes to mind is the Croatian coat of arms.

Even though Croatian Post Office is the national postal service, using a coat of arms for day to day stamping and sealing can be viewed as too formal and legal appearing.  


Instead of using the coat of arms, the two design proposals contain the borders of Croatia and the Croatian checkerboard.

Those symbols were chosen for two reasons:

- They are minimalistic, but recognizable, not taking away attention from other important information like the date or the number of the office

- A minimalistic design ensures the longer lifespan of the seal. A seal with many intricate details would deteriorate at a faster rate.