Sun Rent a Boat Medulin

Application of an existing visual identity in new print materials in efforts to stand out in a saturated market.


Graphic Design, Consulting


Illustrator, Photoshop




This rent-a-boat service offers small to medium sized boats, which mostly puts them in the niche of impromptu day trips planned on the spot.

This means that having a strong visual presence is key in drawing customers from the competition.


The business is located next to a marina which is populated with many other rent-a-boat services, all sharing similar visuals.

Analyzing the competition was imperative to make good design decisions.

The billboards are cluttered and contain lots of visual noise: photographs, multiple typefaces and fonts, combinations of colors that made the information illegible and so on.


Three goals were set to improve the design of visual communications:

- Replace the old cluttered billboard with a new one that contains just the name and the logo of the business

- Incorporate QR codes to minimize the time people have to spend navigating to your website

- Redesign the business cards from a rectangular to a circular shape


The new billboard was a success, standing out from the visual noise and drawing people in. Providing details about the offers & services was relegated to more appropriate formats like posters and brochures.

People passing by would scan QR codes because it was more convenient than typing out the website of every nearby business.

A circular business card stood out from the rectangular business cards competitors handed out. Another unintended outcome was that young children of the families found the business cards interesting, inspecting them while the adults were inquiring about the offers.


The number of customers tripled after the redesigns, with potential customers even forming queues instead of going to the competition.

When asked, customers commented that they felt the business was more reliable and premium than others.

There was also an increase in visits to the website and reservations booked through the website.